Arturo Linares


#drupal #windows

Recently I wrote on how I replaced my MacBook Pro with a PC and still being productive when developing on several Drupal environments.While Pop_OS! is a wonderful Linux distro, I decided to give Windows a try. The primary reasons were the usual: hardware.



A common request I’ve received lately when building sites in Drupal is to make the background of the page title configurable to allow the user upload and change it.


#drupal #solr

Last time I tried to create from scratch a Drupal instance that used a Solr server wasn’t as easy as I expected. Maybe command line tools for installing modules have spoiled me and I just expected that running something like drupal module:install solr would configure everything for me.

Here is how I made it work, but please consider I’m not a Solr expert. If you know a better way to do this please let me know.